About Stoff

Anders Bryngel

Film producer and photographer for amongst others; Emerson, Billerud, Papyrus, Dentsply Sirona, Astra Tech, Goteborg Energi, Rise, Wellspect and Volvo. Anders has also produced and directed a number of films ranging from Music videos to youth programming for channel 4 Sweden. As a cinematographer he has worked on documentary films for SVT, Discovery Channel, USA and Channel 4, England.


Helene Skoog

Journalist and TV producer with almost 20 years of experience working with SVT, TV4, production companies and design agencies. Helene has solid experience in content marketing and corporate film production, and has additionally worked as both a content and project manager at two different global medtech marketing departments.

Content for your channels

We would like to see our client’s brand values conveyed with the integrity they deserve. We produce brand films and real stories with a strong documentary look and feel.


People are the focus of our photography. It’s all about the viewers connection with the portrayed individual. Ultimately, it’s about creating appreciation for your brand.


We have a genuine interest in people. It helps us write inspiring character portraits, interviews and texts. Content marketing for web and print.

Bang for the buck

Do you have a hard time providing your channels with relevant content? We understand the need for high quality media and also the necessity for more of it. Your collaboration with Stoff, will in short time provide you with an extensive bank of useful media; special edits of your films, short edits for social media, testimonials, articles, blog posts, web text and quotes, We want to strengthen your presence in the marketplace by customizing and producing your unique messages.